Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bedroom Eye Candy

As I said before I have been working on almost ALL the rooms in my house. I am working on my bedroom in between other rooms. I can't wait to show the outcome. I buy a lot of items from
Goodwill, CampbellYardSales, Hobby Lobby, and Hancock Fabric Store. I can sometimes find goodies at yard sales, but they are more often than not a bust for me :o(

So I needed some art for my bedroom. We all know how expensive art can be. So I went on on CYS (CambellYardSales) and searched framed. I found this 2'x3' piece for $6! I knew I could do something with it but wasn't sure what yet. I figured I would paint the fame and matting with spray paint. Until..........
I found this scrap booking paper at Hobby Lobby for .49c a sheet. It is like a fabric on paper! It is also reflective silvery too, which is exactly what I needed.

I also found a poster that I could cut and fit under the matting. As you can tell so far my room will have hints of pink. Hubby doesn't want a house full of pink, which I am capable of doing in 2 weeks flat.I took the picture apart, which was just removing some staples on the backside, and lightly sanded the frame. I painted the frame and moulding on the matting using a metallic silver spray paint. Can't remember the name though but I've used it quite a few times with good results. I'll mention it in another post and include the name. Anywho, I cut and glued the scrap booking paper to the matting using kids school glue sticks. (Its easier to use a solid color or simple print) The regular school wet glue wont work and will make your paper wrinkle and tear. I used the scissors I was cutting with to tuck the little edges under the moulding on the matting. Here are my results.

As you can see I had one "off" piece of scrap booking paper in the upper right hand corner. It's okay though. It doesn't even compare to the fact that I was pushing the glass out to hard and shattered it, the downside of cheap frames is cheap glass.
The total for this project was $6 for frame, $3 scrap booking paper (6 sheets roughly), glue and spray paint I had on hand.
So less than $10 for a larger sized piece of art for my room!
I can't wait to show the finished room. I love love love mirrored items, so there will be plenty in my room along with tons of DIY projects.


Symone's Mommy said...

I love that paper...I wonder if it can be put on walls?