Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who Doesn't Love A Great Deal?

So it's 3:18am and I can't sleep. This is normal for me though. I always have nights where my mind will not shut down. So I decided to do some web surfing. Does anyone say that anymore, web surfing? Any who I came across this website that tracks awesome deals. People log on and upload deals that they have found, whether it be local stores or websites. Within 5 minutes I had made my first purchase after surfing (yes I had the audacity to use that word again) this site. I love Taste of Home magazine. I bought a years subscription for $3.50 w/ free shipping!!

They have all sorts of deals that change daily as the deals expire. Be sure to take time to check them out if you are looking for something and want to save some serious cash.


Dayka Robinson said...

I love a great deal, as you know, and I love cooking magazines. Thanks for the heads up!