Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's On Your Plate?

And this time I don't mean food ;o) I have an obsession with plates that developed recently. I have been looking for plates to hang over my fireplace that will just jump out at you. That has led me to wandering "What do you guys out there eat off of?" I know at one point a looooong time ago I would eat off of paper plates set on a wicker plate. That was the laziness in me. I hated washing dishes and still do. But since then I have collected dish, with help of course. So here at our house this is what we have been eating off of and drinking out of. (Overlook the ugly cabinets, we are renting so we have no choice. But they will at least be lined soon)

This first picture: 1.Margarita glasses from Aafes (4/$10) 2. Red high ball glasses from eBay (4/$5) 3. Large martini glasses from Pier 1 (6/$12) 4. Reg. drinking glasses from aafes (4/$10) 5. Reg. drinking glasses from Marshalls ($2.99 ea.) 6. Reg. drinking glasses from Old Time Pottery (.50c ea. after Christmas sale) 7. Coffee Mug from Target (from my mom) 8. White milk glasses (from my husbands grandmother) 9.Coffee Mugs from TJMaxx ($2.99 ea.)

I used to buy a lot of red dishes because I just love the brightness in my kitchen. It feels warm and cozy to me. I also used to buy a lot of dishes from Old Time Pottery but we don't have one near us where I live now. They have fabrics, vases, pillows, and so forth and so forth for great prices!

In the above picture: 1.Red Glass Serving bowls from Old Time Pottery (.50c ea. after Christmas sale too) 2.Salsa dishes from Target dollar spot 3.Red serving bowl form Pier 1 ($5) 4. Bowls from TJMaxx ($2.99 ea.)...well all my bowls were 2.99ea. and the plates range from $2.99 for the smaller ones to $4.99 for the bigger ones. All plates and bowls were bought at TjMaxx and Marshalls. Here is a close up of my plates. I just had to have the set with the #9. I loved the colors. Maybe in the future I will change to blues, yellows, oranges, and creams. That would make me happy.

So whats on your plates? What colors do you use? Why? How do you acquire your dishes? Do tell!


Rachel said...

Your cupboards are so organized!!

I love those printed dishes you got at TJ Maxx - so colorful! I've been looking around for plates too, I want to hang some on my walls. I'm thinking green transferware mixed with solid green, but I haven't found any that are just "it" yet.

We eat off of Mikasa Italian Countryside pattern - it's off-white with a simple pattern. I like them because I know I won't get tired of them, and I can mix different colors with them.

Pauline Wiles said...

What a lovely collection - I love your colors and am sure you can mix and match with great panache!
We have basic, everyday white china (Crate & Barrel) but I would like to jazz it up with some more interesting pieces. I need to be careful with storage space though!

Dayka Robinson said...

Everything is so colorful! I have the white dishes from Thomas O'Brian. I'm always looking for something classic that I'll like for a long time, but since I grew tired of my last colorful set, I've been leaning towards white. I need mugs bad, though.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I love the colorful plates! It's hard to go into TJ Maxx and not want to buy new ones every time, isn't it?

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

The plates with the blue bird is so pretty!

We inherited a large collection of white china from my grandma, with a small pale pink and blue flower ornament on it. It was the best thing to get a complete set, it looks so much better than mixing all sorts of old pieces.