Friday, April 23, 2010

Harboring This Shame

All you have to do is watch. Feel inspired. Then share. Heather Bullard posted this on her lovely blog. I thanked her for doing so.

For so long I have never told anyone my deeply embedded dream. For fear that I may feel shame in doing so. I don't know if it is shame or the fact that I hold this passion so close to my heart that I want nothing but to protect it. I have so many dreams. Though I must completely come clean. Even though I look to become a financial analyst (yes I am always looking for ways to save $$ even on a bigger scale) my heart is 100% in affordable design.

I have always wanted to buy a house and decorate each room accordingly with my own refurbished pieces and local artwork. All things affordable, and I don't mean affordable for the middle-high class budget I mean for the usual family with the average 3 kids. I would make the kitchen and dining room into a small bistro & share it w/ someone who has a true passion for food and it's ingredients. Oh to dream...

Do you have any big dreams you have felt the need to protect? Do share. I know I am not alone in harboring my dream like it is an illness. I have a feeling my secrecy is coming to an end.

"A desire for bigness has hurt many folks. Putting oneself in the limelight at the expense of others is a wrong idea of greatness. The secret of greatness rather than bigness is to acclimate oneself to one's place of service and be true to one's own convictions. A life of this kind of service will forever remain the measure of one's true greatness."
Richard W. Shelly, Jr.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It' FREE But Is It Worth It?

Found this table HERE for yep...FREE!!

My only question is Yay or Nay? Is free worth it? Sounds crazy huh? Well let me keep it short & sweet. Even though it is free is worth the work, supplies, time & effort?

Description read as:

Side Table (End Table) - Bassett

The top of this isn't in great shape, but it's a solid piece of furniture. We're only getting rid of it because we've purchased a new end table and we need to make some room.

The veneer on top does have quite a few chips out of it and the surface has one "foggy" spot that you may be able to clean off. The table probably weighs about 20-25 lbs and is very sturdy. Perfect for a lamp to sit next to your couch.

This is a Bassett brand table and is "pecan" colored. Measures 26" diameter and 23" high.
Price: Free


Friday, April 9, 2010

Justin Bieber's On My Hit List-Now Roger That

And by that I mean #1 top hits I listen to while handling my "situations". Dang contagious songs he keeps putting out!

I know I am to old (all 27 years) to be getting into teeny bopper tunes. It's such a guilty pleasure. What do you listen to while you are getting projects, cleaning, or anything of that nature done? I have to be honest. I don't go ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY MP3 PLAYER. Yes I did use all caps b/c it's that serious. I walk through the stores with my headphones on and the mp3 in my purse. I feel like I stay more focused by doing this. Try it. I swear you'll feel like your on a mission with your theme songs

Right now I have a few songs that get played over & over again. Here's my top 10.

1. Baby-Justin Bieber (as shown above)I couldnt 6. Going Through Hell-Rodney Atkins

2. Hard-Rihanna figure out how to space so I just 7. Meet Me Halfway- Black Eyed Peas

3. Suevemente-Elvis Crespo typed the words & 8. Sweet Child O'Mine-Guns N Roses

4. Gettin Paid-Nicki Minaj changed 'em to white 9. Calabria 2006-Enur

5. Seven Nation Army-White Stripes worked!! 10. O Let's Do It-Wacka Flocka Flame

There are other songs I love. Mostly a modge podge. Anything song you think would rock my socks off? I always need new music. It's like feeding my soul.

p.s. Wanna read something funny? Highlight my top 10 songs for the moment and find my surprise! Then help a girl out with this one :o)

"All up on it, know you wanna clone it. Ain't like me that chick's to phony." Rihanna

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When Did Big Lots Become The Ish?!

That's what I want to know!?! I rarely ever went in Big Lots, maybe once a year if that. Last Thursday I decided to stop in on my way to the playground w/ my Jelly Bean. Boy oh boy, let me just say this.. we never made it to the playground. Here's why.

The holy grail of sinks is only $ 299!
It's sidekick for $249

The little tag-a-long is $229. You can't beat those prices with a switch, even if you had to pick it off the learning tree yourself.

I don't even care that they are sinks & that I rent and don't even need it! The only reason one didn't come home with me was b/c I left the truck in Memphis and only had my car I'm not a hoarder and I feel I need to establish this somehow. But man I could've taken my mirrored trays and covered those plumbing holes on top and used them as side tables that could sit in the garage w/ everything else I've bought. Wishful thinking.

I bought 8 of the frames above. 4 for me and 4 for my mama (the one who sent me to pick switches). At $7 ea. they were a hell of a deal. Pictures do no justice. They also come in black & dark wood. They will go in my bedroom. I'll show you an update of my room this week or next.

I also picked up 2 mirrored sconces for my mom. They were $10 ea. which to me is $5 to much. Just sayin...

Here is a better look at the ones I snatched up.

I love this $60 mirror. I thought the quality was well worth the $$. It would be perfect in a bathroom over the sink.

I rarely love prints. Though I have some in my home, I have yet to find ones that steal my heart. I do like this one though. It was about 3.5-4 feet tall. For $30 if I had the right room for it, in it would go.

I bought tons of other things. The Echo Pointe items they sell are FABULOUS, and 50% off right now! While blog surfing I saw that High Heeled Foot In The Door had a post today about her Big Lots finds. Funnyish. Big Lots, when did you get so grand?! I applaud you, hell I'm gonna give you the standing "O" for truly making my day. BRAVISSIMO!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

She's Got Those Beyonce Legs

And I have a feeling if I stick her on the back burner like I've done some of my other projects she might just use them to kick me where the sun don't shine!

I bought fabric a couple of weeks ago for $3.50 a yard out of the remnant bin @ Hancock Fabric. Straight CRACK (highly addictive) right?! I purchased what they had left.

I bought this fabric online for $5 a yd. I need like 2 more yards, but it has went up to $10 a yd. I'm just gonna bite the bullet. Yeah I'm cheap like gotta know how I roll by now.

I'm thinking flower on the front & seat, tiger in the back on 4 of the chairs. The other two end chairs will get tiger in the front and seat and possibly some other fabric in the back. How wild is that?! And I'll be putting the nail head back in place too.
Here is a pic of all SIX chairs in my basement. I know ya'll see that freakin sofa back there..smh, a dang<--substitute bad word there, shame. Imma get a handle on this madness.

Here is the picture the seller had posted. $50 for the table and 6 chairs!!

I wanted to show you the legs to the table. Thicker than a snicker sweety! And as for the top, the leaf folds in underneath!

Don't worry. This project will get all my attention this week. I'm thinking extremely light beige paint on the wood. Here are the chairs I bought a couple of months ago for $80...yeah using them is out the window. I'm still going to re-do them and selling them though. My current dining table set will hit the market asap.

I'm sure you are like "Someone call Hoarders!!", but I swear I'm finally getting this craziness under control. I'll have some progress to show finally. And I'll be showing the step by steps of this table project as well as others. My heart is all in it on this one!
p.s. I'm sorry I've been neglecting my blog. My babies (kiddos not furniture) need me now. They are having a hard time coping with the ole ball & chain not being here. I hope you understand. I'm finding a balance now.
Also hit up Dayka's give away!! Just don't leave a comment, you'll be lessening the chances of me winning the custom stamp!! I kid, I kid..ok not really.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sound The Alarm! Hot Mess Alert

Me: I'm need to take some stuff out of your room. Is it clean?

Jay Bird: Yes. I cleaned it yesterday.

This is the point I make my discovery.

What is your definition of clean? His has to be Clean=Hot Mess.

Now on to grandeur things. I have started progress on Jay Bird's room. The free entertainment center I received is transforming at rapid speeds.

As if I needed to take on more than I can chew, I recently bought this! Need more details (price & such) & inspiration on what it could become? Check Life + Style. She's got it covered! Matter of fact, bet you can't guess which inspiration pic got my feathers ruffled!

I want to say thank you so much for every one's words of kindness involving my husband's deployment. I really don't know what else to say that could sound more sincere. I'm not freaked out about it as much as I should be. Emo (my term for overly emotional)...always, freaked out..nope. I've been dealing with a crashed computer & a wrecked little boy's room. Aaand I've been driving back & forth from Memphis. Lovely, I know <---Insert tilted head w/ a tight lip frown.

But I have been good and didn't buy more chairs.

$60 for the set of 2
. Have you ever?! Perfect for my mom, which would mean I could come home with the $100 set of bergere chairs I recently picked up for her.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Love Love LAHV Pillowcases

Remember the sneak peek of my bed? Well I had been eyeing some lovely pillowcases that I knew would complete my bed for a while now. The only problem was I couldn't find them anywhere. Googled galore and not a thing. Then finally Etsy came to my rescue...

Not only do I think that it will add some interest to my room, but the seller answered my request to make them in yellow! How freakin rock star is that?! I think the yellow is just the little boost my room needs.

She makes them in this pretty blue as well as many other colors. I'm sure if you wanted them in colors not shown you can request the color you would want and she will totally make them for you. She is just the Beez Kneez right?

I started out loving the black. Black would work for my room too. For now I want the yellow. I'm sure I'll convince myself to buy the black eventually too :o)

Not into LOVE? How about these sweeties? I absolutely freakishly have to have these too!

Am I tripping or is it that necessary to have awesome sheet sets? Please tell me I am right on this one. Please..