Sunday, February 28, 2010

Horchow Mirrored Chests on Craigslist!!

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mirrored bedside table black granite top - $300 (East Memphis)

Date: 2010-02-27, 1:36PM CST
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These are a pair of mirrored bedside tables. They have a black granite top, and are in very good condition.

•Location: East Memphis
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I needed a little more as far as visual interests. Here are the photos that were emailed to me:

READY FOR THE PRICE!! $300!! Yes $300 for both! I'm off to go pick them up :o)

Friday, February 26, 2010

DIY Plate Hangers & A Quick Fix

Love a good plate wall? Me too!

What I don't love is the cost of the plate hangers. After thrifting for plates I can't bring myself to buy a mess load of plate hangers ($1.29-$1.99 ea.) to hang them. Not budget friendly at all.

Want to know how to make your own? Me too! Dang do great minds think alike or what? Click the pic for easy instructions on how to make your own from wire hangers! WIRE HANGERS..WIRE Now we can put them to use. Don't like that idea? Try Martha's. I think the wire hangers would work better for heavier plates.

Can anyone tell me where to find these plates or ones that are similar?! I love the shape and light color. They just look so purdy :o)

Here are my plates so far. They're neither here nor there in the looks department. Some I love, some I loathe. I do have some DIY ideas that I want to try before putting my plates up. Oh and my silver goodwill platter is getting some chalkboard paint. Idea via Sanctuary Arts@ Home. Doesn't that white plate need a HUGE initial in the middle?

I'm going to be out and about this weekend (in Memphis) looking for fabric for those craigslist chairs. I'm thinking about trying to whip this slipcover up myself for a temporary fix. This one was in a Country Living feature.

If you see any good plates online you think I might like shoot me the link! Or heck even if you know where I can buy this slipcover let me know :o)
P.S. Spellcheck suggested "Thrusting" instead of "Thrifting"! Dear Blogger it's not that type of party!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Craigslist, 4 Hour Drive, 2 Days Later

Remember my craigslist love at first site? If you don't just click that highlighted link :o) Well it was just that love at first site...and reality in the next blink. Can you see that these are definitely NOT the turquoise I thought they would be? Of course you can! Well hot dang it so can I!

Dang craigslist. On the upside I had planned on reupholstering these chairs anyways. I did have my fingers crossed that they would be that fabulous color, but they weren't. Hey regardless they are extremely sturdy (as well as dirty), and the cushion is firm as can be (prob. b/c the fabric is really made of plastic and is hard as heck). So eventually I will strip these bad boys and recover them. Want to know how much? $150...I know plz don't badger me to much, I already broke my no chair over $20 rule & have yet to come to terms w/ that. Now do you think it's really as bad as I do? OR are you as excited as me to see how fab they can truly be?! Hopefully the latter :o)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Glitzy, Glitter & Glam Candles

Right now I have a couple of these candles. They are nice and give off a nice glow but....

...they aren't these.

I would love to have some bloomin quartz candle holders. I can just see them lined down my coffee & dining room table, in my bedroom, or placed sparingly around the house. They have that glamorous look that I love! I would even love this one that looks like it was chipped off of a diamond wall somewhere deep in a cave.

I don't have any purple in my home but I would still place this beauty in it. It would be somewhere with tons of light so it can show off it's pretty sparkle.

I know a few places to get these candle holders, though not easy on my budget. Do you know any local stores that sell them? I would love to be able to go in a bring them right home with me.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bedroom Inspiration Part 1

For a while, a few years to be exact, I couldn't get a grasp on what direction I wanted to take my room. Thank you so much for posting these pics @ The Lennoxx (my one stop shop for inspiration). I almost cried a tear of joy :o) A room done by Jennifer Flanders. How beautiful is this room?
These curtains would be so easy to duplicate! And the soft gray color on the wall makes my heart pitter patter.

The headboard is fab! Some drywall, fabric, nail head trim and I think this could be a go. I really, really love the bedding too. And that chair in the corner looks so comfy.

The gold accents on this desk stand out ever so slightly. And the chair at the desk....swoon!

Beautiful gray chaise trimmed in turquoise looks absolutely fabulous against the gray wall and striped curtains.

Bar cart! Oh the bar cart! Wouldn't you love a drink while laying on that fab chaise and reading a book?!

This is my kind of room. I love all sorts of styles, but this room speaks to me. What do you think? Does this room look liveable or cold?

Monday, February 22, 2010

One Night Only..

we only have 'til dawn! HA! Weeeelllll one day really. I spent my whole Sunday painting, sanding, & priming furniture & everything else under the sun. It was in the 60's and I couldn't pass up warm day of straight painting. Thank goodness I didn't, it started raining Monday. Anyone else have good weather?

Here is a dresser I finished. It just needs a slab of beveled mirror & some huge shiny gold ring knobs to finish it off. I used spray primer instead of can primer & it worked like a dream.

I had some problems though. I was using Rustoleum Professional white spray paint & it was a total disappointment!!! Actually to say it nicely a pisser offer. After sanding and priming this is what happened.

It kept spraying out as an opaque yellow runny hot mess or in chunks. After trying 4 cans, yes 4 count 'em cans, of this mess I returned them for some Valspar. I'm starting to like Valspar more + more by the day. Did you take advantage of the warm weather this weekend? I sure did!! And I have a hurting back to prove it :o)

p.s. Bazaar of Serendipity is having a FAB giveaway!

Sneak Peek & Etsy Lahv Lahv Lahv

I am on the longest verge ever of finishing my room! I only need to finish a few more things..(painting my room, a piece of furniture, a pillow, etc) Not much left to do. Yay! So after I show you my little girl's room I'll be showing you mine. Lmbo, if you look at my pillow you see a black spot. That would be eyeliner. I totally sleep in a full face of make-up most often that not. But most important of you look on my bed you see a marble, silver handled tray. Lahv Lahv LAHV! (My bestest Lady Gaga voice)

Need a close up? Of course! I bought it at a new etsy store named Vintage Styled Home. It's ran by Dayka @ Life + Style. Check out her store + her blog. They are both FAB!

Next on my list is this hocking set. I NEED it. I plan on throwing a brunch for my mom + aunts Mother's Day weekend. Wouldn't you love to eat some treat off of these plates?!

To serve food I would use this! I think it just looks so glam! I also need this too.

Doesn't that tray just fit perfectly w/ my room so far?! I bought it for my living room bar cart, but I love it so much it's going in my room. What do you think of my room? Do you like the color combo (turquoise, gray and white) I chose? I was thinking of adding a little pop of fuchsia. Too much if I did?

Friday, February 19, 2010

80% OFF at Hobby Lobby...WOWZAS

I did a little shopping yesterday. I went to my local little flea market and then to Hobby Lobby. As I was walking into HB I saw a beautiful over sized butler tray on a metal bamboo stand for $33! To big and tall for a nightstand, but just right for a makeshift bar! I didn't get it. We have a freakin bar that we have sat at 0.00 seconds this year. No need for another. I did however load up on on the gorgeous jars!! And some mercuryish type candle holders. HB had aisles & aisles of stuff (as hubby calls it) for 80% off!!! I couldn't believe it. It's usually like an end cap or two by the time I make it in. But not this time. Frames, pillows, lamps, chargers, jars, and everything else 80% off. Here's what I got.

I had to black out the messy background as to not obscure your view from these fab, I mean FAB jars. Opaque goldish brown w/ a mirror finish. These are 12" + taller! Not sure where they're going yet or if I'll keep all of them. But I do love them.

I had been wanting some mercury type candle holders for a few months in turquoise, but at $2-$3.50 a candle holder I'll settle for these beauties. I'm going to line them across my dining table once it is painted. Oh and the black mirrored painted box was only $4. They had some FAB pieces that went with it. Like tall black mirrored ginger jars for $8-$10 ea.

Here are some pics I took from my phone to send my mom just in case she wanted anything. I didn't take pics of everything, just some stuff I knew would tie into her house.

The gorgeous candle holders are at the least 18in. tall! They look like hollowed out hand blown glass. They are stunning & cheap.
Look at those tall lacquered ginger jars on the top shelf.

These candle holders were a good size. Like chunky! My mom would love these!

Check the 80% off sign, makes my head spin.

Okay before I spent just under $60 @ HB for all these goods, I hit the flea market. I bought these two ottomans for $10. One is going underneath the computer desk in my room after I make a cushion and maybe?? paint it and the other outside as an ottoman on my back porch after a pop of color is added to it. I also got some little dishes to add to my plate mural collection.

Oh gosh....after an hour and a half drive to Home Goods (yes 1.5 hr drive!) This is all I got :o( I saw lots of nice stuff but nothing that stood out for realz. So I picked up some vases that match other vases I got from our local TJMaxx and these pretty frames.

Here is a close up of the matting in these frames. I plan on changing the print out, for some I already have saved, and hanging the frames in my room. At $12 ea. I thought it was an okay deal. But don't you hate traveling to certain stores out of the way and don't end up with scheisse (special german word)?

Okay so stop reading right now..and hurry to your local HOBBY LOBBY!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Dream Kitchen

I wish I could do a full overhaul of my kitchen....but I can't. Renting is a nightmare when it comes to these kinds of things. Even though I paint, against the lease, I can't paint the cabinets let alone rehab them into something a little more glorious. I've been savoring a few images for a while now. The kitchen below is definitely my dream kitchen. It belongs to Heather Bullard. I absolutely love her style. It's very comfy girly shabby chic. I would take every element from this kitchen and run with it. Curtains, cabinets, dishes, stools....etc

Check out the chandy over the sink! I am such a chandy whore. Will work for chandies!!! And that milk glass, love how it's displayed yet functional enough to actually use.

My kitchen has small walls so a plate mural like this one would be perfect. I am hoarding plates to pull this off in my kitchen. I love the look of all the colors in the plates against that soft yellow on the wall. This whole image reminds me of when mamas would cook every night, before fast food. (BTW I still cook at least 5 dinners a week. Hubby does the other nights. How often do you cook dinner?) Image found googling plate murals.

When I finally get around to painting my dining table I want it to have the same colors as this one. Gold trim and all. I'm even thinking about coating it w/ a pearly clear coat ala Centsational Girl. I love the clover that holds the legs in so Like a waste cincher.

I plan on painting the top of the dining table just. like. this. Both tables above and below were found on Mrs. Howard's Fabulous Blog. I find so much inspiration there.

I recently bought some dining chairs for $20 ea. that I plan on reupholstering. I'm hoping to have a look similar to the tdf chairs. They are absolutely gorgeous and what I would love to see everyday while cutting veggies! I found these on The Lennoxx, where you can find enough inspiration to do a house on Extreme Makeover.

Last but not least, a settee is a must. I would love one that has an antique look to it. You know the ones w/ carvings trimming the outer edges.

For me the necessities of a good kitchen are a table that can take a beating, warm colors and good food. What are your necessary items you just have to have in your kitchen? Wanna share a link so I can see the image? I would love more inspiration if you want to share :o) OOOOOOHHH any good recipes I can throw together for my fam? If you share so will I!

DIY: Sweetest Chandy Shades

These are one of the last posts I am doing on my DIY projects before I show you the final product of my girl's room. I'm wrapping up the last piece of furniture and then it's a go. This is the chandelier I wish I had. The shades were $17 ea. + shipping. No way Jose (btw that just happens to beez my pappy's name)!!

This is what I had. I borrowed the chandelier shade image from ebaY. I have to tell you tho, mine looked exactly the same but with tacky cheap gold trim!! I ripped the fabric off the shades on the ride home from goodwill, where I got them for $1 ea. The chandelier I bought for $10 brand new off of Bargainland when they had kick butt house stuff for sale. You wouldn't believe the goodies I've bought for uber cheap.

These are the things I used for this e-z p-z project. Some fake roses (wish I would've waited until after Valentine's when the roses go on clearance :o( ), hot glue, thin pink ribbon, chandy shades, & scissors.

After removing all the glue, fabric, & tape??, that was originally the trim, I glued 2 rows of pink ribbon. I glued 2 only because I needed to hide some of the hot glue spots from the previous janky DIY done on these shades.

This is what it looks like after. You can do a thicker ribbon or just one thin ribbon. I think little pearl beads would've been pretty too.

I pulled the roses off of their stem and cut some of the plastic green stem glued on the bottom so I would have more area to hot glue to the shade.

Here is one all done up. I think it's perfect for my little girl's chandy! It isn't all pink like the one in my inspiration pic but it's just as girly.

Here's another view in good lighting.

Want to see it attached to the chandy?! Good because I've got a few more pics to share :o)

Honestly, What do you think? Overdone? Just right? Should I have used any other type of flowers? I have two lamps on her dresser, should I put some little roses on those shades or just some ribbon? Or just skip both? That is an issue I have been struggling with lately. I haven't done anything to them b/c I'm not sure I should. What do you think?

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