Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Dream Kitchen

I wish I could do a full overhaul of my kitchen....but I can't. Renting is a nightmare when it comes to these kinds of things. Even though I paint, against the lease, I can't paint the cabinets let alone rehab them into something a little more glorious. I've been savoring a few images for a while now. The kitchen below is definitely my dream kitchen. It belongs to Heather Bullard. I absolutely love her style. It's very comfy girly shabby chic. I would take every element from this kitchen and run with it. Curtains, cabinets, dishes, stools....etc

Check out the chandy over the sink! I am such a chandy whore. Will work for chandies!!! And that milk glass, love how it's displayed yet functional enough to actually use.

My kitchen has small walls so a plate mural like this one would be perfect. I am hoarding plates to pull this off in my kitchen. I love the look of all the colors in the plates against that soft yellow on the wall. This whole image reminds me of when mamas would cook every night, before fast food. (BTW I still cook at least 5 dinners a week. Hubby does the other nights. How often do you cook dinner?) Image found googling plate murals.

When I finally get around to painting my dining table I want it to have the same colors as this one. Gold trim and all. I'm even thinking about coating it w/ a pearly clear coat ala Centsational Girl. I love the clover that holds the legs in so Like a waste cincher.

I plan on painting the top of the dining table just. like. this. Both tables above and below were found on Mrs. Howard's Fabulous Blog. I find so much inspiration there.

I recently bought some dining chairs for $20 ea. that I plan on reupholstering. I'm hoping to have a look similar to the tdf chairs. They are absolutely gorgeous and what I would love to see everyday while cutting veggies! I found these on The Lennoxx, where you can find enough inspiration to do a house on Extreme Makeover.

Last but not least, a settee is a must. I would love one that has an antique look to it. You know the ones w/ carvings trimming the outer edges.

For me the necessities of a good kitchen are a table that can take a beating, warm colors and good food. What are your necessary items you just have to have in your kitchen? Wanna share a link so I can see the image? I would love more inspiration if you want to share :o) OOOOOOHHH any good recipes I can throw together for my fam? If you share so will I!


Dayka Robinson said...

I have a binder FULL of recipes, and you know I love, so if you're ever looking for something specific, let me know. You HAVE to make those filets i love (if you eat steak)--they are TO DIE FOR!!!

I love that huge window in the kitchen. It reminds me so much of California living-- so many of my friends had huge windows, or pass-thrus between the kitchen and outdoor patio when I was growing up. I also love open shelving, and organized drawers. Love.

Jane B. said...

Sigh...I want it all! What a beautiful milk glass collection. And I have literally been dreaming about a bucket shade chandelier!

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Ahh, beautiful images! I can't wait to see your new chairs reupholstered =)

CamelsNDragons said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment. I lost the comment when I tried to publish it and it did not get posted. Bummmer. Would you like to leave another one? I think you did a fantastic job with the chandelier.

j said...

Oh my gosh I am so WITH YOU on renting! I can't do any of the things that I dream of doing!! I'm ready for a permanent residence (though maybe not the mortgage).

You have awesome taste. That first kitchen was gorgeous.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I would love to see your dream kitchen complete. Lovely images. I adore the top of that table.

micah said...

That kitchen is fantastic and love the plate mural!

foxfunds said...

Love the kitchen - good inspiration for my kitchen redo from a redo a few years back - a bad can of paint and a few weeks of frustration ended in stepping back for a few years. I think I am ready to take it on again...chabby chic with a Julia Child's twist.

As for cooking at home - I cook every night and it's all from scratch. There is a vinegar allergy in my house so I literally make EVERYTHING (marinades, dressings, condiments - all of it) from scratch. Needless to say - my kids just don't get the wonderfulness of fast food that most kids do - but then again, I make sushi at home and they love it. LOL Recipezaar is my favorite go-to on the web for new recipes - usernames Kittencal and Frenchtart have awesome ones.

Nice blog - I am looking forward to sitting down for a spell and read your older posts - should be plenty of inspiration there. :D