Thursday, February 11, 2010

Have You Copyrighted Your Swagger?

Hello my name is Swagger Jacker & this is what I think when I look at other blogs and see all these great ideas and layouts. Sad Right? It's like I want to completely steal their swagger. And if you don't know what swagger is I'll fill you in.

Swagger: How you carry yourself. Swag= the way one talks, the style in which one dresses, the gestures in which one uses while talking, etc.

Note: style is not how much you spend on your clothes. (or my case furniture, crafts, & blog layout)

Def. Found Here.

So now you get my drift. Have you looked at some fab blogs and all the widgets and what not then thought, "I wished mine looked like that." Or "How did they do that?" Well I couldn't tell you. I wish I could, but I can't. So now that I'm done with that I have to declare my independence as to not stealing anyone's swag. I know what the hell does that mean? Well I am bootlegging my way through blogging now. I love the way others write and post but I need to find my own posting style. (Tho I will still use the advice givin to me, which is not stolen swag; just loaned).

That was my way of introducing my tore down shabby ass mock-up. Yeah I had to beat around the bush. Oh and you must click on image to make bigger...I know, I know. Smh HOOPTY & BOOTLEG.

Bootleggish right? Hells yeah. But it explains everything to me. After I clean out my son's room I will post side by side pics. But this is how I plan on doing his room over. Glossy black furniture. Blues, greens, oranges, black, and ribbon. Even a chalk board top desk trimmed in blue. I have most things on hand and will start on his room tomorrow. Here are the inspirations for the pillows.
Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper

This one I believe was Martha Stewart? I've had this image for so freakin long I can't remember. Please please let me know if you do! Thx.

Once I take pics of his room you'll understand the look a little more. But homeboy has definitely outgrown the look of his room. It's been the same look for 5 years! Ooh Wee right? He's going into his tween phase. Any tweenie ideas that's cool for a boy's room? I had an easy time w/ the girl's room but a boy! Ughhh. I get stumped at times.


Dayka Robinson said...

I like your mock-up, and you're definitely not a swagger jacker. One of the things I initially liked best was your voice, so keep doing you!

I wish I could do a rendering. I signed up for a class at the Art Institute last week but it cancelled at te last minute. Boo. :(

###### said...

girl you are a dont jack swag...but i feel you...we all have those moments...there are some widgets i want right now.

House of Brooke said...

u must brand everything these days!! but im so sure you won't jack-swag without giving honor to the swaggett or swagga!
so funny! BTW-Luv ur blog....

The Blushing Hostess said...

The truth is, I don't see other sites and wish mine were more like theirs, honestly, I wish i could remove all the junk but it is not possible at the moment. The cleaner it is, the more I love the site, I have had the same feedback from my readership. I hope this helps, and not to worry, you have a lovely blog! Catherine

Redesign Diva said...
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Redesign Diva said...

Swag!!! how much of it is swag jacking? I see widgets i want and I get them, I think that is ok.

It is like blog accessories, i see some I want and others just have too many!!

This post was funny and cool and interesting....I have the same boy room probs, he is 13 and picky now, what up with that? I can't wait to see your finished.