Monday, February 22, 2010

Sneak Peek & Etsy Lahv Lahv Lahv

I am on the longest verge ever of finishing my room! I only need to finish a few more things..(painting my room, a piece of furniture, a pillow, etc) Not much left to do. Yay! So after I show you my little girl's room I'll be showing you mine. Lmbo, if you look at my pillow you see a black spot. That would be eyeliner. I totally sleep in a full face of make-up most often that not. But most important of you look on my bed you see a marble, silver handled tray. Lahv Lahv LAHV! (My bestest Lady Gaga voice)

Need a close up? Of course! I bought it at a new etsy store named Vintage Styled Home. It's ran by Dayka @ Life + Style. Check out her store + her blog. They are both FAB!

Next on my list is this hocking set. I NEED it. I plan on throwing a brunch for my mom + aunts Mother's Day weekend. Wouldn't you love to eat some treat off of these plates?!

To serve food I would use this! I think it just looks so glam! I also need this too.

Doesn't that tray just fit perfectly w/ my room so far?! I bought it for my living room bar cart, but I love it so much it's going in my room. What do you think of my room? Do you like the color combo (turquoise, gray and white) I chose? I was thinking of adding a little pop of fuchsia. Too much if I did?


Redesign Diva said...

Girl, I lahv it too! Nice! Sleeping in makeup is not good but hey I think we all do it every now and again. I love turquoise, gray and white, colors of my living room...

You should check out my post today it links back to you...(that's b/c i wasn't tryin' to steal your sawgger,,,lol

Dayka Robinson said...

I'm happy that you love it, and of course I want you to get it all! :) Thanks for the shout out!

Your room looks serene--love that mirror, too.

micah said...

Love your colors.. I think a pop of fuchsia would be lovely!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

That tray is so pretty. Great find!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

OMG! I love that tray. I don't know how Dayka could have parted with it. Isn't she the sweetest person though?

Your room is so feminine and classy. Can't wait to see all the finishing touches.