Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let There Be Light

As you saw my bedroom lamps (bought off of ebay for $10 after shipping) in a previous post I'm sure you noticed they were pretty small. I do love them because they seem so boudoirish but loathe them because they are smallish. To my girls room they'll go. So to replace them I pulled out some lamps I recieved from Granma P. I had already gotten some buffet lamps from her I had painted to go in my room, but obviously buffet lamps would've been way to tall. So here are the lamps in all their glory :o)

Here is one of the lamps after I painted it 3 coats of glossy white spray paint and trimmed the bottom in gold liquid leaf (against my mother's advice). Since the chest & desk that will go in my room are going to be white I needed the lamp to have a stopping point so it doesn't just "flow" into the furniture. Plus I like the gold at the bottom paired with the grayish silver shade (purchase at target for the buffet lamps) And also one lamp is shorter then the other so I will fix this problem by stacking a couple of books under one to even out the height difference. I'm thinking some books covered with gold wrapping paper...I know it would be pushing it though. I love a can of .99c spray paint! But then again who doesn't? If any has any advice on whethr I should add any more detail to the lamps let me know! Thanx :o)


Symone's Mommy said...

Looking good. I say add some trim to the shade and put a tassel. Maybe some beading trim that will pull the silver and gold together more. Check this post out from Lindsey