Monday, November 9, 2009

Sew In Spring Reap In Autumn

The weather has been so lovely, just perfect for eating outside. This is a dining set I bought this past spring on eBay as a local pick-up. I bought it for $26 flat, no tax or pick-up fees. I never intended using it in my house. I had a better idea for it.
The lady who had sold it to me had tried to recover the seats herself. She was aiming for the cafe look. Now I'm not going to criticize bbbuuutttt......I'll leave it at that.

After a coat of rustoleum spray primer and two coats of flat white spray paint I had a bright new (at least for me) white table. The cushions were pretty yucky and I had seen outdoor fabric I had just had to have. Problem was it was 3.5 hours away. And yes I drove those 3.5 hours to get it! The fabric was designed by Laurie Hickson-Smith from Trading Spaces for Hancock Fabrics. You remember the Southern Belle red head? I fell in love with this print called Freer, just in another color that I planned on using in my living room. It was sold out and discontinued :o( But they did have this color left which worked out perfect for me.
Who knew outdoor fabric could be so wild? It totally reminds me of my hometown Key West. I put it on my back deck for al fresco dining.
One day I will have to do a post about how to find local furniture on ebay. I have found tons of furniture and home decor for uber cheap on ebay.
"If you do not sow in the spring you will not reap in the autumn."-Irish Proverb


Dayka Robinson said...

Is that mean that when I first saw the photo I was crossing my fingers that you weren't showing a completed dining set???? After these last posts, I should've known that you would NEVER do something like that! I LOVE what you did to the set! It looks so fresh and clean, and the fabric is definitely bright. Normally my go-to color is black, but I've seen that set before and like it much better in white. That thing was a steal! You could probably easily resell it and make some cash if you don't want to keep it. And that's crazy that there's no Hancock where you are! There are several here, so if you're ever looking for something, let me know!