Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ornamental Frames

I love going to Hobby Lobby & Target every year and looking at their ornaments. They always have them grouped by color and textures. Oh the eye candy. I love handblown ornaments with feathers, mirrored ones with etching, and so forth and so forth. But can we use them for anything else beside Christmas decor? Well of course! So far I have used decorations for at least 2 things.

I love the tassels they sell in Hobby Lobby. They have all sorts of different ones. Long ones, beaded, fabric, and so on and so on. These two I bought to go in my sons room for maybe a few bucks. They have seen better days since they've been in there since he was 4 (He is now 9, well 9 1/2 let him tell it) I have bought some long silver beaded ones too that I haven't used yet.

These sets of frames I spent a total of about $8 +tax on. The red ones came from target (50% off after Christmas) and they sit in my kitchen window sill. The brown wooden ones I got from Hobby Lobby 3 years ago (50% off also) and I do believe they still sell them. Hobby Lobby even has mirrored, silver , or gold frames to suit your fancy! I like to pair little frames with big ones.
This year I am going to invest in some little birdies to put in my jars and cheese trays around the house. I am going through a bird + nest phase right now. If you have any other ideas of how you can decorate with Christams decor please do share!

Every year over the past few years I have come to love Christmas more and more each year. I used to dread this specific day due to it's exploitation of gift giving. Though now I do like to relish in the joys of my kid's childhood beliefs in Santa Claus, I'm keen to make sure Christ's birth, life , and death is the most significant point of the holiday. So let it be known it's CHRISTmas and not X-mas. Who is X anyways? Sorry just had to get that off my chest :o)