Friday, November 6, 2009

2 Chandeliers for $54 after Tax & Shipping!

Okay so I got an email from my kids Granmama. She has the prettiest rooms in her house. One day I'll bug her to take pics and post. She always finds awesome deals in stores and online. That must be her niche. She sent me a forward from JCPenney about screenbuster sales. I went on and looked and found this and this! Two chandeliers for $24.99 each! Originally $349 and $260 marked down to $24.99. Plus the email came with a free shipping code 49Santa. Doesn't get any better than that! I bought both for a grand total of $54 and some change. The chandeliers aren't available in stores so hurry and get yours before they run out. **Sorry I couldn't save the big pic so here are some scrawny ones**


Dayka Robinson said...

Wow-over $600 for $54? That's what I call a GREAT deal. Thank God for Grandmothers!

Blue Creek Home said...

I am so glad that my window treatments inspired you!!! It looks like you have a great start on your make-overs. I love the chandeliers.
Lovin' the black dresser too!
and the red shades are gorgoues!!!
Make sure to post your curtains when you finish. It would be great if you linked back to Blue Creek Home!!!!
Gotta run, I'm checking out that Penney's sale!

Pauline Wiles said...

Good grief, you did astoundingly well! I love it! Will you keep them, or sell them?