Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rise and Prime

So I finally got back to the basement now that the weather has been glorious. I popped open my little can of valspar primer.

Pulled out my paint tray and roller, then got to work. (I hate furry rollers! They leave little lint strands all in the paint after it's rolled! Tomorrow I will def. use foam ones.)

Finally my cherished, or not so, $20 armoire is finally primed. Tomorrow she will get a couple of cream coats of paint. Then some stenciling and hopefully mirror inserted into the door pieces.
I can't wait to finally finish this piece. Oh and I've been working on tons of pieces lately. Along with this armoire I am working on a wide dresser, some chairs, a bed, a desk, stacking boxes, and pictures for then den. Then I will begin my overhaul of my sons bedroom. Here is a hint of where I am heading with his room.