Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Inspiration

I haven't finished any of my DIY projects lately because my little girl has been uber sick. I have been blog surfing though. I always spend so much time on one particular blog. theLENNOXX has got to be one of the best blogs for inspiration. Looking through their pictures has got me wanting to re-do or at least finish my living room. Here are some of the pictures I picked out to point me in the directions I would like to go.

I love these pillows

This would be the perfect place to sit and have a cheerful conversation.

And just to think it is attached to a bedroom, almost like a studio apartment.
I love the cool colors here. I was thinking about doing the mirror and frames over the sofa or maybe in my room. Which would be better? Think it's to much to put over the sofa?
Be sure to check out theLENNOXX's website. You will not regret it.


Dayka Robinson said...

Love the photos, especially the studio--what a great visual impact! Thanks for the link.

Anna Renee said...

How very beautiful. I especially love that attached studio set up. The color combo is very bright and airy and gorgeous! I love that blue room. I have two dark caramel brown leather couches and was thinking of curtains this blue color. My decor is extremely tired (everything is brown!) and I have been inspired by all of you ladies to change it up! (I don't have a decor blog and could never post pictures of my own home)

Symone's Mommy said...

I hope your baby is feeling better. It really pays to spend time looking for inspiration. I don't get a lot done because I don't have creativity to dream up a vision...I have to see one first. I LOVE that top pic. Also, posted that bottom pic as inspiration for what to do that big buffet I have yet to tackle. Re: where to put mirror and frame, in which ever room you think it will make you feel happiest. I know it's corny, but you have to LOVE it when you walk in that room. It may feel better in one vs. the other. I say over the sofa and do cool colors in your room. Good luck!

theLennoxx said...

Thanks alot, I obviously LOVE this post, LOL! I love your blog Adrianna, and would love to "trade links" with you. Let me know! I hope your daughter is feeling better =)