Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We have a wonderful bay window in the kitchen. Sadly our kitchen's bay window faces the backyard so we don't get a lot of light in there, but we do get a great view of the backyard! So with that said I wanted curtains that were pretty and let light in. The ones we previously had were pretty but blocked much of the light leaving the kitchen pretty dark.

This photo was taken in January. I loved these curtains because 1. they had a pretty rich red color 2. they were balloon curtains (who doesn't lie ballon curtains?) The kids were beating on the table for cookies. They don't play when it comes to sugar!
These are the curtains I just finished today. They take about 20 min. each to make. I bought the material for $4/yd at Hancock fabric store. They are the perfect weight, pattern, & color. I spent about $25 to make 4 of these roman shades. And I got the fabulous tutorial from Little Green Notebook.

I have made some for my sons room and the kitchen so far. I plan on making some for my room next! They are so easy and customized to whatever material you want. Doesn't get any better than that.
I am STILL working on that armoire, so stay tuned.


Anne said...

They came out beautiful. Love the colors. I remember the first picture. I can see my water bottle sitting on the table. I wonder how those blinds would look in the sun room?


Annette said...

Those shades look fabulous! I LOVE that rich red damask print. Excellent job!

Dayka Robinson said...

I see you love Jenny like I do! I wanted to do that shade for my bathroom, so I'm glad to see that it really is easy to do for someone besides Jenny. And I love that fabric that you used--very pretty!

Carli-Made by Carli said...

I just stumbled upon Jenny's blog today and was hoping to make some of those shades too in a damask fabric similar to yours, glad to see how fab they came out!