Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm A Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World

One thing that always stands out in my childhood memories are my Barbies. I used to dye (using red pistachios) and cut their hair. I would even sew little tube dresses for them. I would've sewn more, but I'm not very inclined in the sewing department just yet. now that my little girl, all 4 years old, keeps at least 3 Barbies in tow, I have decided to add it as an element in her room. She absolutely loves these shadowboxes, only because they encase cute little Barbie outfits! These were so easy to make.

I bought the shadowboxes for $7.50 (50% off) and fabric about $6 a yard (I used less than 1 yard) at Hobby Lobby. I painted the frames with liquid gold leafing and wiped on some cream craft paint for a prettier finish. Hot glued the barbie outfits, and hung them up. Eazy peazy! These will hang over the Girl's armoire.