Friday, October 23, 2009

A Win-Win Situation

In my long gone teenage years I learned that in relationships things have to be 50/50. With that said Hubby wanted a new tv to watch his beloved sports games (tho I watch sports too, it is not important to me what size tv it is on). So I figured this would a perfect oppurtunity to negotiate for another tv stand. Knowing we needed more storage in the den I wanted a solid bigger piece, but not tooooo big. I found this buffet on CYS for $90. After some haggling I got it for $70!

I do believe it is mahogany wood. Solid wood..woohoo. Though I do love the stain, it wouldn't fit into my den colors. So I wanted to paint it black. I found a great tutorial by Jenny @ Little Green Notebook, by the way she's a genius. I only had to use spray paint, sandpaper, wipe on polyerathane, & a little primer. I followed Jenny's directions. And here ya go:

It is perfect for storing our movies, game consoles, kids art supplies, and so much more. I will post pics later with the tv on it once I finish doing my den. But I am very happy with my "TV Console".
p.s. I still haven't finished the Girls' armoire! Procrastinator much? I think so. I got out to the garage and started cleaning it out. Go figure.


Anne said...

This turned out beautiful. Can't wait to see the whole room.


Dayka Robinson said...

LOVE WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!! Anyone who knows me knows I love a glossy black (or glossy anything), and I like the fact that you kept the original hardware, too. Great job. I saw her credenza and wanted to spray paint my sideboard, but it seems like it's hard to keep the coverage even. Did you have that problem, and did you use that gun-thing?