Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

So I'm slowly working on my bedroom, as well as every other room, and really want a round mirror to hang over my bed. The one below my mother got off of craigslist for $10. It's currently being used to hide our router from rearing it's ugly head. It is a little small (20") compared to the one I want (which is the one hanging over my mother's bed). So I want to make it appear bigger.

I really love this mirror. I can't remember where the 1st image is from, but the 2nd is from ebay.

So I am thinking I can spray paint some shish-kabob skewers gold and hot glue some different size round craft mirrors on it? Do you think it'll work? I saw where one of my fave bloggers did it and her room is STUNNING! Here is hers . Her stuff is amazing!! Gorgeous room!!


Anne said...


I think that is a wonderful idea. You have such a creative mind. I like the looks of the one over the bed and I have no doubt that you can design something like that or even better. The skies the limit.

Luv U

Dayka Robinson said...

I saw this exact mirror while visiting my mom in Washington state, and I couldn't get it because we couldn't figured out how to get it packed to ship back to GA. Even the people at UPS were no help! I loved that thing, and had to settle for a slight variation that I found at Target Global Imports (or whatever they called it last year). Michelle's room looks amazing, right?

Rashon Carraway said...

i have a mirror just like this from goodwill.

Check my blog to see it.

Mr.Goodwill Hunting