Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Deal Gone Bad

Don't you just LUV LUV LUV a good deal?!? Well I know I sure do. And I will search to the end of the earth for one. Don't believe me ask the man that drives the truck (hubby) & picks all the goodies up.
So let me get to my sob story of the week. As you know I went to my mom's for Thanksgiving. A year earlier (yes a whole year...maybe a little more) I bought a ton of items off of eBay made by The Find. This company sold gorgeous items at at out of my range prices. After searching eBay I was able to buy mirrored tables, sconces, candle holders, boxes, stands, chandeliers, chandelier lamps, and so forth for dirt cheap. One day I will do a post on the stuff I have gotten made by this company. So with my Find purchases I bought some items that were turquoise (my favoritist color).

This mirror was bought for $60 after shipping. It's a good size tho the pic makes it look smaller. But upon it's arrival my mom didn't check it thoroughly. Yep, it was broken.

Shattered piece on top.

And cracked/chipped side. I did open the box so many months ago and closed it immediately. Now that we brought it home so I can figure out what to do with it I have to look at it again. It hurts my feelings just looking at it.

To add insult to injury I lifted this box up and it fell apart in my hands! I'm sure I can reglue it, but what the hey?! How does this happen? Underneath is the original pic of it.

And let me add I bought the chandelier to match it all. Got it for $88 total. Beautiful in the picture. Not so much in person. The green was a grass green or crayola green with cobalt blue crystals. I like cobalt blue with grass green (awesome combination mixed with black and cherry wood against white or cream) but NOT done like this! I ended up selling it on ebay.

Though I absolutely adore The Find's items because they are so ornate and beautiful this haul was an epic fail.
I do have some good news to share though. We got a new member to our household. My pomeranian Cameo needed a friend badly. I never wanted dogs until we got her (she was a gift from my mom to my son). She is very well trained and sweet as can be. Buuuut she always wanted to play fetch and stuff. So now we got her a friend. He is a shitzu & terrier mix. He is scruffy looking and just as sweet as Cami. He gives Cami a run for her $$. Not sure what to name him yet. We are working with Bailey at the moment.
Here he is waiting her out for her toy. They've been fighting over it constantly. Fun to watch :o)


Dayka Robinson said...

Oh gosh, I would be so mad if my stuff arrived broken! My sister shipped her white parsons desk (west elm) to me from up north, and all of the corners are completely damaged! She didn't get enough insurance, and was leaving out of the country, so she didn't have the info for me to call UPS. Now I'm stuck with this desk that is jacked up on the corners. :( I'm hoping i can slel it on craigslist to at least recoup the shipping costs . ..

Annette said...

It sucks that your items arrived damaged. I don't have a problem with a little damage if it is fully disclosed and the price is right, but that doesn't sound like that happened in your case. If you are stuck with it, go ahead and give the piece a try. If the mirror is high up on a wall nobody else will probably ever notice the damage.

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

HEY! Where does my comments go??

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Oh, okay, it works now. Sad about the mirror and box, but at least you have super cute dogs!

The chandelier looks cool in the pic, but the colors are usually adjusted in photos, and they look completely different in real life.

Redesign Diva said...

ok that blows, and you have to be careful of the digitally enhanced pics, especially coming from Ebay. But the pics look good. The mirror was almost a hit...sorry

We are kindred when it comes to color and style, i love it!