Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taking On To Many Projects

I know I oughtta be shamed. I am. I have been working on about 50 different projects at once. Not really fifty, but a bunch. Here's a few...a desk, the infamous girl's room armoire & a painting. The 2nd one for months. It's done, but not done. You get my drift? Here's the desk. In the same predicament. Before of course.

Here it is almost done. In my kitchen for the past 2? weeks. Do you start to many projects and then end up leaving some on the back burner? I'm sick of doing this. I'm so irritated. Just that one word sums it up. Sorry if I don't post tomorrow. I really really need to take care of some unfinished business. Capisce? (I would have totally said that in my Don Corleone voice).

And about the antique sofa, I did some explaining and extreme apologizing. And they pitied this fool :o) I get to pick it up tomorrow. Okay so it's not going to be mine (hubster wasn't having it). It'll be going in my mom's house. My mom is going to let me reupholster it, which is why I need to get a handle on these projects. I need to move on to reupholstering things (which I've gotten really good at)! Talk to you soon.


Dayka Robinson said...

did u draw that on by hand???? love it. and don't tell e you're reupholstering stuff yourself now--i may have to send for you to come down and teach me how. if you do that couch yourself, i will hate you forever. :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Ah it looks amazing!

Love all the touches you did with it!!!

Diana said...

Looks like the end result is going to be absolutely gorgeous!

Tonia Lee Smith said...

If I tell you how many projects, I got going and none of them even halfway done...but since I've started reading your blog. Maybe if I start posting some of mine, will motivate me....but wait let me check my pocketbook, I gotta get some frog tape first. ;-)

Unknown said...

I'm the same way - I have to many projects going on...some days a lot gets done - other days nada zip - don't stress you'll get them done

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Girl, how much furniture could you possibly need? Do you live in a castle? haha.. This desk makeover is fantastic, love the details! And the red sofa.. LOVE the classic shape, what fabric will you use on it? I'm dying to learn your upholstering tricks =D

Nessa said...

I am always doing things until they a re just about done and then leaving them.

Desk looks lovely though.

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j said...

Adrianna, you have a gift for breathing new life into to some tired looking furniture. That desk looks fabulous - so elegant!



Have a great weekend!

Redesign Diva said...

Talk about many projects..sheesh I can relate..Can't wait to see the couch reupholstered!