Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stenciling Is Really Catching On!

Wow wow wubzy. I am so surprised on how stenciling is becoming a hot topic! I didn't think it was becoming trendy at all. I figured stenciling was hot all the time. I really did ( and still do). This little hot number is what got me wanting to stencil my girl's furniture. Btw I will be showing the before and after tomorrow of the dresser. I can't remember where I got it from besides that it was from a google search.
Here is a piece from Horchow. I think it could be done quite easily! But easier said then done right?

If you are on a tight budget and want to re-do your room why not paint on a headboard? This can go all sorts of ways. Would also be great for a commitment phobe.

I love these roman shades. I think I may do some for my room. Cheap burlap, a stencil, & this tutorial. Sorry I had this image forever in my files so no known source....yet :o(

If roman shades aren't for you then I'm sure you could re-do some panels. Imagine all the cool designs you could do. Oooh better yet all the colors you can combine!

I bought a brand new jute rug from Goodwill for $15. I really want to do something like this to it.

For those who are brave you can also try painting the floors in your home. This is not for the faint of heart, I can already tell.
I absolutely love the stenciling on this wall. These kitchen colors are also so fab. The whole kitchen works for me.

These walls weren't stenciled. They are wallpapered. But I'm sure you could paint a flat paint and stencil clear gloss and have a similar effect. Design Dazzle doesn't play around when it comes to sweet designs!

Now this takes the cake! How rich is this stenciling! Yes stenciling!!! I'm now feeling the pain of renting. Ugghh, I can't wait to be able to do this and not worry about how I have to paint over it once we move.

Not sure of this is a decal or a stencil?!? But I think painted steps are so fun & whimsical. I've seen words painted on steps as well as intricate designs that looked Moroccan.

Do you have any plans of stenciling? I can't wait to share mine!! I do have one regret though about the process I did. I sooo WISH I would've layered colors. Gave my pieces more depth. Next time right? Because there will definitely be one!


Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Adrianna,
Thank you so much for looking at my posts about the animals. I agree about the milk. I havn't touched it in 5 years. The puss comes from the mother cows being constantly impregnated as soon as she gives birth. Her utters can't stand the the abuse. She also moos and cries for her baby for weeks, wondering where it went. They love their young the way humans do. The baby is long since killed or standing in a stall for a few months before it's killed for veal. It's so sad. I'm so glad your becoming vegetarian. My husband isn't and treats me like I'm a veg preacher. Most people don't care or don't want to know the truth about the animals they eat.
On another note..Your blog is wonderful. I want to stencil my walls with a tone on tone large damask pattern. I loved looking at your pics. And the striped vanity is ADORABLE!

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

I agree with Kelly's comment.. There are no farms anymore, but "meat factories". It is cruel.. I've been veg for 10-15 years, are you joining us Adrianna?

On a happier note, I love this post! So many cool ideas for sprucing up your home on a low budget. And since you are on a stencil kick, google Allison Cosmos, you'll love it for sure!

Dayka Robinson said...

I love that black entryway, and am all about stenciling. I found a great book today at Borders that's all about stencils, and I want it!

So you're going veg, huh? If you're not doing cows milk anymore, try Blue Diamond Almond Milk--I like it much better than Silk Soy Milk. I just couldn't get over that grey-ish color . . .

Fiddledeedee said...

This is killing me. Before I had my 3 babies, I was a decorative painter in Los Angeles, specializing in furniture. Love stencils. I MISS PAINTING! Sigh. Someday I'll dust off my brushes. Thank you for the reminder. :)

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

That floor is GORGEOUS! I love it! I do have some stencil plans in my future, but I need the temps to warm up about 50* before I can tackle them.

Unknown said...

Stencils on fabric is very pretty -

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

btw the image with the orange boxes is a Sara Story design. And I love the new blog layout!

Rachel said...

I keep thinking I'm going to find a stencil that I like and stencil some sort of pattern around the top wall above my cabinets - to make it look kind of like wallpaper. But I can't decide on a pattern yet. These are great inspiration, though!! Thanks for sharing!!

By the way - yes, those loaded stuffed potatoes could totally be a meal. We each had one with a bowl of tomato soup and were full. Very filling and very good!

Saucy said...

Those little mice on the staircase are Martha Stewart paper cutouts - I have used them around Halloween... and you know what? I kept one of those mice up all year round, we liked him so much.