Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hair Bow Organizing Part 2

If you've seen part 1 of my mission to organize hair bows then you are probably wondering what the heck do you do with the rubber bands that have to hold the ponytail where the hair bows are going?!?!?!?! I sure as heck did when I was googling hair bow holders I noticed their absence. I don't know about you but whenever my mom would put my hair up she used rubber bands or those things with the hard balls at the end to hold my hair up. Actually I still use the things with the hard balls at the end to hold my hair up. What are they called anyways? Okay back on point. This is how I now store my little girl's
What I used: 2 storage boxes from Target. And even though they have that orange sticker they weren't on clearance :o(
Gallon sized Ziploc bags. I really probably used the Dollar Tree brand to be honest.
That was all I needed. Hindsight I should've covered an old shoebox with some fab inexpensive fabric to save $$mula$$.

I dumped all the hairbows onto my unmade bed, this is the hardest part. Make sure your bed is unmade, it makes for better pictures!

Divide and conquer by color. This I had my 4-year old do. Then toss in the baggies.

I used one box for head bands and the other for rubber bands, ribbons, and such.

Simple and organized. This was another little project that was so easy a 4-year-old could do it! And in turn that means it is easy to keep organized. How do you organize your hair cuties? Right now my little girl's hairbows are organized but mine are thrown in a drawer :o( Please share your ideas!!


Dayka Robinson said...

Ahh, the hard balls. We called them "booloos". No wonder no one ever knew what we were talking about . . . .

Carli-Made by Carli said...

Lol, Dayka, I have no idea what they were called either! My daughter's hair ties are thrown in a sterilite plastic cd case from Dollar Tree, but I think you've just inspired me to have her organize them by color-give her something to do!

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

lol @ the unmade bed!

I am ashamed of being so disorganized with my hair accessories when you show us all how easily it could be done =( Must... Organize.. Hair.. Accessories..

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I like that you are teaching your little girl organizational skills too. I liked to do similar things with my daughter when she was little. Now, at 15, she is really organized. Think I can take some of the credit?

Rebecca Corvese said...

Adrianna, Thank you SO much for visiting my blog and leaving that incredibly SWEET MESSAGE. OMG... you MADE my day with that comment. It's the bain of my existence some days to crank out a post when life gets busy. But, I enjoy having the blog. Comments like yours are what makes it ever so worth it! And speaking of... I'm loving your blog too! I having been toying with having more of a lifestyle blog, so I can post about anything, rather than just design related posts. Your organizational ideas are great....I'm showing them to my daughter tonight, as she uses all types of hair bands and ornaments. And, where in the heck did you find those great chairs? What part of the country do you live in? I'm in the San Francisco Bay area and if there was something this nice, the price tag would reflect it. Thank you again! You are so sweet! Becky